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VMware vSphere Update Manager had an unknown error. Check the events and log files for details. – VMware Update Manager Error

We had this issue while we were upgrading the ESXi hosts to vSphere 6.0 from 5.5. vCenter server was successfully migrated with the VMware Update Manager and it’s database. We tried to upgrade the host after importing the base ESXi iso and crating the baselines from the beginning. I can confirm that we did not get any error while we are upgrading the VMware Upgrade Manager.

However, we had to follow the below steps and had to reinitialize the database to fix this issue. Make sure to take a backup of the Update Manager Database, your ISO images, offline patches and any host extensions before we start the process.

This was the appeared error while we were trying to upgrade the host.

VMware vSphere Update Manager had an unknown error. Check the events and log files for details.

Update Manager had an unknown error : error

Before we start the re-initialization of the database, stopped the Update Manager service, opened a command prompt as an administrator and changed the directory to C:\Program Files (x86)\VMware\Infrastructure\Update Manager\ by executing below command.

Update Manager had an unknown error : Change Directory

Executed the below command to start the re-initialization process ( dot is required after -C and -L switches)

See my screen capture for the command that I executed

It will run database queries and will take couple of time to complete the task similar output can be seen in the command prompt

After the completion of this command all the baselines, Images and extensions wiped out from the VUM database. Had to manually add them and created the necessary baselines. That’s the reason behind I asked you to save all your VUM data before start the process.

Reference: VMware KB (2043170)

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