Oracle Ravello Cloud : Deploy Virtual Machine on Bare Metal Infrastructure

Oracle Ravello Cloud : Deploy Virtual Machine on Bare Metal Infrastructure

Once I’m explaining about Oracle Ravello cloud to one of my friend he asked few more questions and he wanted to know the steps of deploying a virtual machine on the bare metal infrastructure. This feature was recently added to this Oracle cloud platform and I thought to write up an article about deploying a virtual machine on Oracle bare metal infrastructure on my blog.

By eliminating a layer of hypervisor in the middle, HVX is able to provide near-native performance to the running virtual machines. There are many improved features in this bare metal infrastructure and below features can be introduced with this platform.

Broad range of Elastic Compute

  • Bare metal servers, bare metal NVMe, VMs.
  • Provision in minutes, Pay by the hour

High Performance Storage

  • Local NVMe servers
  • Dynamically attachable remote Block Storage with consistent general purpose IOPS
  • High performance, high durable object  storage

Virtual Private Networking

  • Managing your high scale Private IP networks
  • IPSec VPN, Fast Connect
  • Stateful firewalls, optional internet gateway, load balancing

Industry-leading performance and security with payas-you-go pricing

  • Available in < 5 minutes
  • Standard: Non-NVMe SSD, 256GB RAM
  • High IO: 12.8TB NVMe SSD, 512GB RAM
  • Dense IO: 28.8TB NVMe SSD, 512GB RAM

How to Deploy a Virtual Machine on Bare Metal Infrastructure

Steps are quite easy but this capability only limited to three datacenters, definitely it will be available soon in the other datacenters as well in near future. At the time of writing this article it is available on below datacenters:

  • US East 5
  • US Southwest 1
  • Europe Central 3

You have to deploy your application in one of these datacenters

Select the Virtual Machine on your canvas and Click on Advanced Configuration

Change the “preferPhysicalHost” parameter to “true” and click OK

Save the settings of the Virtual Machine

Update the Application and you are all set and your Virtual Machine is now running on the Oracle Ravello Cloud bare metal infrastructure. Power on the Virtual Machine and experience the improved performance.

I recently, started my YouTube Channel for this blog and I have created a small video to add to my Video Gallery.

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