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vCenter 6.0 U2: SSL Regeneration ERROR – “Error in updating certificate for solution: com.vmware.vim.eam”

This is another error appeared in one of my SSL certificate regeneration tasks. I was regenerating the solution user certificates and certificate regeneration was failed and performed the automatic Roll-back operation. If you need to know the steps to regenerate the solution user certificates please read the second part (first part explains the time sync issue) of this post.

It was bit confusing and I had to spent lot of time to find the proper solution for this error. Again, once I encountered with the error I checked the certificate error log located in “C:\ProgramData\VMware\vCenterServer\logs\vmca\certificate-manager.log“. I was able to see the below error message and the output.

I generated the solution user certificates providing the same name to all the certificates and that caused the issue. These certificates should use with different names and I started the process with the different names (provide different names for all the certificates).

Different names should be used for the “Name” field in all the certs

This time Solution user certificate generation was successful without an issue. Once it completed the process generated webclient certificate will look like this.

Additional Information:

A vCenter Server with embedded/External PSC has 4 solution users:

  • vpxd
  • vpxd-extension
  • machine
  • vsphere-webclient

An external PSC has 2 solution users:

  • machine
  • vsphere-webclient
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