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Oracle Ravello Cloud vExpert Community Call – First Community call

With the beginning of the year 2018 Oracle Ravello has decided to start the monthly Community call and I’m so excited with this. Here I’m sharing the YouTube video call for all my followers and readers.

The goal behind this is to share the real-life experiences, use cases or exciting projects out to the community at large.

I believe this is a good start for all the vExperts all over the world.

You can read some blog articles and videos from vExperts all over the world from the below link, just spend sometime and get familiar with those.

Check Oracle Community Articles: https://community.oracle.com/docs/DOC-1020105

Follow below link to read more about Oracle Ravello bare metal cloud infrastructure

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Aruna Lakmal

Associate Technical Specialist, Sri Lanka. Technology junky, enthusiast, a VMware vExpert and a blogger with more than 8 years of Experience in Virtualization and Cloud Native technologies.

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