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Join VCSA to Active Directory Domain

I have been working with Windows to VCSA 6.5 Migrations and wanted to share some steps of the VCSA configuration. Most common task was to add the VCSA to the Active Directory Domain and I’d like to show the steps to Join VCSA to Active Directory Domain from GUI and command line to the Active Directory Domain.

This is a pretty easy configuration, but we had some issues with the domain permissions when Windows to VCSA migration. So we had to connect the VCSA several times to the domain and here are the steps that anyone can follow.

Login to the VCSA webclient, hope you know that there is no more C# fat client for VCSA 6.5 access. Go to Home menu and select the Administration

Click on System Configuration

Click on Nodes and you can see the vCenter server name unde Nodes, Select Active Directory and hit Join button to add to the Domain

Provide the details such as domain name, Organizational Unit, Username and Password to connect to the Active Directory

You need to reboot the VCSA to display the domain, without a reboot this change will not be applied. Once the reboot is completed. Domain will display under Active Directory section


Connect to the Active Directory using the Command Line

You can use the Command Line interface to connect the VCSA to the Active Directory here are the steps

Login to the shell, type “shell

Use below command to connect to the Active Directory

/opt/likewise/bin/domainjoin-cli join [domain] [username]

It will prompt you to type the password, type the AD password for the user account that’s it

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