How To Reset ESXi iDRAC Password

How To Reset ESXi iDRAC Password

I was stuck with my office work and didn’t get a chance to write couple of posts in my blog, so after a while I thought to write this useful article for all my it folks. I’m going to show the complete steps to reset Dell ESXi iDRAC passwords. Normally, anyone has a password vault but there might be some scenarios which you might need to break the credentials and login to the iDRAC.

Here I’m going to use the Dell OpenManage Server Administrator (OMSA) to get access to the iDRAC which is not accessible at the moment.  You have to download and install this in one of your Windows Server and please note that this article intended only for VMware ESXi hosts.

First of all we need to download and install the OpenManage Server Administrator vSphere bundle (VIB) and install it to your ESXi. You can use your Update Manager to install this as an extension to the ESXi or multiple ESXi hosts. These are the VIB versions at the time of writing this article and follow this link to download them.

I have downloaded and uploaded it to my VMware Update Manager, created an extension patch baseline (I hope you already know to create a patch baseline, not a magic work). Here is a sample screen capture

I remediated, pushed and rebooted the ESXi host.

Download and installed the OMSA in one of the Windows servers, select the appropriate version (download them from the above link)

Run the installation and follow the instructions, not a big deal

You can see this icon on your desktop, double click and open the OMSA

It will open your web browser and lead to the OMSA login page

Provide the root credentials of the ESXi and ignore the certificate Warning!

Credentials will be verified and installed VIB will get you through to the OMSA console with the root credentials

Goto Remote Access -> Users and select one of the available number to create a new user for the access, I don’t want to reset the password for the existing user in my case

Provide a name for a new user, password and set the role for the user and privileges and save the configuration (Save button is not in my screen capture)

That’s it and check the new login for the iDRAC access.


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