How To Find The Correct PCI Driver For ESXi Host – Use of VID, DID, SVID, SSID

How To Find The Correct PCI Driver For ESXi Host – Use of VID, DID, SVID, SSID

If you are planning to perform an ESXi host upgrade you need to find the compatible drivers for your ESXi host. This post is intend to show you the correct method to find the correct driver for your PCI device. If it is a Cisco UCS host you can find the correct enic and fnic drivers for the respective operating system.

Finding the correct driver is really important for the best performance, use of incorrect or the incompatible driver can lead to a performance impact and your production VM workload can be impacted. So, I think this post is quite important.

VMware Hardware Compatibility matrix also known as VMware HCL can be used to identify the drivers according to the hardware specification. We are going to use VID, DID, SVID and SSID to identify the driver

So what are these parameters?

  • VID – Vendor ID
  • DID – Device ID
  • SVID – Sub-vendor ID
  • SSID-  Sub-device ID

Login to your ESXi host with the root user and execute vmkchdev -l and you will be able to see the similar output as below

So now go to the VMware Compatibility Guide and enter the values as below, select the search object as the IO Devices and hit Update and View Results to find the results. Select the required Hypervisor version and you will get the driver details page

Driver version and the download link will be there to download the driver make sure to check the Model and Driver firmware is correct for your PCI device

This is my Cisco UCS adapter details in my Cisco UCS Manager Console

So now you can find and download the compatible driver for your PCI device.

Also, you can use esxsfg-info | less command to get the same details for your PCI device, here is a sample output


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    nice article
    please update esxsfg-info | less with esxcfg-info | less

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