“Cannot execute upgrade script on host” – Update Manager 6.5 Error

“Cannot execute upgrade script on host” – Update Manager 6.5 Error

I have been working with couple of vSphere 6.5 upgrades and I experienced this issue while I was upgrading Dell R630 Host in to ESXi 6.5. Host was not updating and getting failing throwing the ” Cannot execute upgrade script on host” error message.

Actually, I have done host upgrades in many times but I did not get such issues with Cisco UCS blades and other ESXi hosts. But I got this error couple of times with these Dell hosts. I’m not sure whether there is a relation to the vendor but this is how I resolved this issue while I’m doing the ESXi upgrade.

I checked the disk space of the host and I noticed that one of the vfat scratch partition is full. I used “df -h” command to check the disk space to get only the vfat partitions use “df -h | grep vfat“. Here is the output.

I executed “du -h /<my_vfat_volume>” to get the breakdown of the utilization

I removed the “6.5.0” folder inside the packages folder. Executed “rm -rf <folder_name>” to remove the folder

Now located a “vpxa-worker-zdump.xxx” file in the /var/core/ folder removed the dump file. Executed “rm -rf vpxa-worker-zdump.xxx” command to permenetly delete the file [Step 7]. See the below detailed steps.

Again, checked the vfat partition space and now it is 0% utilized.

I started the upgrade and it was succeeded after that. Hope this post will help someone who experience the similar issue while doing the upgrade.

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  1. Roberto Parra Avatar

    Very well explained and of great help. Thank you for sharing your knowledge.

    1. Aruna Lakmal Avatar
      Aruna Lakmal

      Thanks for the comment.

  2. SweetWilly Avatar

    Thank you so much, you saved my upgrade! 🙂

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