Deploying VSAN on Oracle Ravello Cloud

Deploying VSAN on Oracle Ravello Cloud

You can easily deploy your Lab with this Oracle Ravello Cloud and I deployed my VMware VSAN datastore on top of this nested virtualization platform. I thought of writing this article after completion of the successful VSAN deployment on Oracle Ravello Cloud.

Initially I built a cluster VSAN cluster with six ESXi hosts for the deployment and I placed my Management components in a management cluster. Installed the ESXi on the hosts and made them ready for the deployment.

Specification of my ESXi hosts:

  • 4 CPUs AMD Athlon Processors
  • 16 GB of Memory
  • 400 GB HDDs (3×100 GB for VSAN and 1×100 GB for OS)

I have created a separate switch for the VSAN network and this is how it looks like

As we all aware VSAN needs added disks to the ESXi hosts so I have added disks from the Ravello Console. It is a quite easy and you can add disks from few clicks.

After that updated the published application, I didn’t want to start my Virtual machines so I deselect the Start all new VMs automatically option at this time

So Now my Oracle Ravello Cloud environment is ready for the deployment. Once I powered on the Virtual machines this is how it looks like. I’m not going to show you all the complete steps of configuring the VSAN just wanted to touch the base of the VSAN configuration in this post.

I created a Distributed Switch and created the relevant portgroups and connected the ESXi hosts to the Distributed Switch

So I Turned on the VSAN on the cluster

I moved to the Old flash client as VSAN feature is not available yet in my HTML 5 client

Validated the Network and Claimed the disks

Finally, My VSAN datastore appeared in my vCenter server.

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