Working with VCSA NTP Server – Installation and Configuration

Working with VCSA NTP Server – Installation and Configuration

When you are deploying the vCenter Server Appliance NTP server configuration is a key part of the deployment. I had to face lot of issues due to this time sync issues and hope this post will help you to get the NTP servers configure in the VCSA.

First of all as everybody knows we can add the NTP servers when we are installing and deploying the vCenter server.

If you need to change the NTP Settings after installing the vCenter server you can log in to the Appliance Management console and do the changes. These settings are self explanatory changes.

The important part of this article is use of appliance shell to configure the NTP servers and options for VCSA

Open a ssh connection to the appliance and provide the root credentials, use ntp command in the shell to view the available options

Use ntp.get command to see the current NTP configuration settings

Use ntp.server.set –servers <IP_Address_of_the_NTP_servers> to set the NTP Servers mannually

Set the timesync with the NTP servers using below commands

timesync.set –mode NTP and to view the syncing mode use timesync.get command

This was really helpful to configure the NTP servers and troubleshooting the timesync issues in the appliances.

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