VMware NSX : Segment ID pool and Transport Zone Configuration

VMware NSX : Segment ID pool and Transport Zone Configuration

We have configured the VXLAN and we need to configure a Segment ID pool. Each VXLAN has it’s own Segment ID (VNI – VXLAN Network Identifier, similar to VLAN ID). All the VXLAN traffic bounds to it’s VNI and allows to network isolation. These Segment IDs have 1.1 ratio to the Logical networks. It’s a 24 bit number which added to the VXLAN frame and it allows to the 16 million potential networks. However, it’s not configure more than 10,000 VNIs in a single vCenter server because vCenter limits the number of dvPort Groups to 10,000. Also one of the other consideration is not overlap the segment IDs in a Cross vCenter environments.

Segment ID Configuration

Go to Installation -> Logical Network Preparation -> Segment ID and click on the Edit button

Provide the Segment ID range in the Edit Segment IDs and Multicast Address Allocation window. VMware NSX Segment ID (VNI) range is 5000-16777216. Multicast addressing is an optional configuration. If you are prefer not to deploy any controllers you can use this option

Transport Zone Configuration

Transport Zone controls the domain of the Logical switch in set of ESXi hosts. It can decide which clusters can use a given Logical Switch. A Universal Transport Zone can span across multiple vCenter servers. However one Logical Switch can belongs only to one Transport Zone. Also there can only be one Universal Transport Zone

To configure the Transport Zones go to Installation -> Logical Network Preparation -> Transport Zones

Click on + sign

Provide the Transport Zone name and select the Replication Mode and Cluster which assign to this Transport Zone

You can see the created Transport Zone after that

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