VMware NSX : Logical Switch Configuration

VMware NSX : Logical Switch Configuration

Logical Switches are similar to the physical switches in the network. It allows you to create a broadcast domain and isolate the Virtual Machines in the network. Also Logical switch mapped to a unique VXLAN.

Logical switche allows you to create VLANS similar to the physical switches. Logical switches are local to the vCenter and you can create a universal logical switch which spans across the multiple vCenter servers. NSX controllers are maintaining the details such as VXLANs, virtual machines, hosts and logical switches.

These prerequisites should be configured before we create a logical switch:

  • vSphere Distributed Switch should be configured standard switches are not supported
  • NSX Controllers must be deployed
  • Hosts and Clusters should be prepared
  • VXLAN must be configured
  • Transport Zone and Segment ID pools should be configured

To create a Logical switch navigate to NSX Manager and select Logical Switches and click on + sign

Provide a Logical Switch Name and select the Transport Zone and Replication mode which need to add to the Logical Switch. IP Discovery is enabled by default

Select the Transport Zone

Click OK to complete the Logical Switch configuration

You can see the created Logical Switch after that

Adding Virtual Machines to the Logical Switch

Click on the Add Virtual machine icon to add Virtual machines to this Logical Switch

Once you get the add Virtual Machine window use arrow icons to add/remove the Virtual Machines to/from the switch and click Next to continue

Select the Network which you need to connect and click Next

Click Finish to complete the Virtual Machine addition to the Logical switch

Now we have created a Logical Switch and added the Virtual machines to the switch. Also you can add Virtual machines to this Logical switch by editing the network configuration and changing the distributed port group in the dvSwitch. There will be a new port group in the dvSwitch for each and every Logical Switch.

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