VCSA 6.x WinSCP error : Received too large (1433299822 B) SFTP packet. Max supported packet size is 1024000 B

I was doing some changes in my VCSA 6.0 vCenter server and I wanted to copy some files from the VCSA appliance. Hope you know that we are mostly use WinSCP to connect to the vCenter server and copy files in and out from the appliance.

When I was trying to connect to the vCenter server appliance from WinSCP I was getting this error message.
I was finding a fix for this and was able to find the below steps to fix the above error message.

Open your Putty connection to the Appliance (Make sure to enable the ssh connections to the VCSA)
Accept the certificate warning!
Type the “root” as the username and root password

Then you will get the shell prompt and type chsh -s “/bin/bash” then next time it will redirect you to the shell directly.

Note: If you need to revert it back to the Appliance shell use chsh -s /bin/appliancesh root and re-login to the appliance using ssh

I was successfully able to connect to the VCSA using WinSCP after that.

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  1. Alex
    Alex at |


    GREAT article; I was looking on how to reverse back the change, thank you.

    P.S I believe root is miising from this cmd:

    chsh -s “/bin/bash”

    shouldn’t be?

    chsh -s “/bin/bash” root



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