vSphere 6.5 Topology and Upgrade Planning Tool

vSphere 6.5 Topology and Upgrade Planning Tool

Few weeks ago VMware announced this vSphere 6.5 Topology and Upgrade Planning tool which you can see the recommended information about your Migration. It is a really easy and self explanatory tool. You can find this tool from here.

This tool can be used to migrate your current vSphere environment to 6.5 as well as to start a new vSphere 6.5 deployment. This brand new tool has been released as a part of the vSphere Central, which you can learn and check how VMware vSphere works. Personally, I really like it.

Before I start using this tool I would like to give my upgrade planning scenario then you can easily understand how this tool is going to work.

My current vSphere environment : 

  • Windows based vCenter server with vSphere 5.5
  • External Single Sign-On server
  • External Web client
  • No Linked Mode Configured
  • External MSSQL 2008 R2 Database

Now let’s see how we can use this tool to upgrade my vSphere environment to 6.5

Open this web based tool in your browser, and start the tool by clicking the “vSphere 6.5 Topology and Upgrade Planning tool” option

Select the Upgrade or New Deployment, in my case it’s an upgrade, so I selected the “Upgrade to vSphere 6.5” option
According to our scenario selected the “Single vCenter Server with External SSO
I’m not planning to use the Enhanced Linked Mode in my environment , so select the “No, Enhanced Linked Mode is not desired” Option
Tool will give you the recommended topology in the next section, click “Continue” to move forward
Select the current environment type (Windows/VCSA), I got a Windows based vCenter Server
So it will give you the Option, I have to migrate my current environment to VCSA 6.5, click “Finish
You can find valuable resources at the end and the suggestions.
You can email this to your inbox
You can follow the same steps to start a new deployment with vSphere 6.5.

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