I was deploying VCSA 6.0 (VMware-VCSA-all-6.0.0-5326177 and VMware-ClientIntegrationPlugin-6.0.0-4911605 are the versions) Appliance in my VMware environment and I was not able to open the “vcsa-setup.html” file to deploy the appliance. It was throwing the below error message even the Client Integration Plugin 6.0 was installed in the system.

I searched this in the internet and there were lots of workarounds and unfortunately nothing worked for me. This has been discussed in the VMTN community but there was no solution found at the time of writing this post.
One of the work around provided in the internet was to enable “NAAPI” in the chrome browser, but that option has been removed in the latest versions of the browser.
I tried to upgrade my chrome browser and it didn’t work.I had the latest version of Chrome installed and updated.
Also, I had the latest version of the Mozilla Firefox browser and it didn’t work either.
After installing the Firefox browser it was throwing the below error message every time I open the “vcsa-setup.html” file.
I opened the “vcsa-setup.html” file from the Internet Explorer and it worked. At the moment the only solution that I have is use the IE11 browser. Even though I don’t like it…!!! Anyway thank you Microsoft…!!!

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