New Fling Released : DRS Lens

New Fling Released : DRS Lens
Few months back I attended to one of the vExpert session and there was an introduction of this new Fling and it was released few days back.


This Fling provides more insight of  :

  • VM Happiness
  • Cluster Balance
  • vMotion
  • Operations

This is just a OVA template and you can deploy as a normal OVA/OVF deployment. You can download this from VMware Flings website. 

VM Happiness

Provides the insight of the happy and unhappy VMs in your DRS cluster you can use the graph to see more information about the VMs such as CPU ready , Memory swapping.

Cluster Balance

Cluster Balance provide the balance and imbalance details about the cluster against the time.


This graphs provides the vMotions which are initiated by the DRS and the users over the time.


This graph provides the Operations performed over the time such as Datacenter power on/off, VM power on/off, cluster re-configuration, Host ESXi Maintenance mode, DRS initiated vMotions, User initiated vMotions, Notification checker, Exceptions.

Deployment of the DRS Lens ova

As I mentioned earlier this is just a generic ova deployment, once you deployed the VM login to the VM using general root password

You can use your linux skills to set an IP address to your DRS Lens VM.

Once you deployed open your browser and access “https://<IP_ADDRESS>/drs/app” to access the application

You’ll get the certificate prompt and click on the “Trust” to trust the certificate

Now provide the vCenter details

Then click on “Start” to start the monitoring the Cluster and “Apply” the cluster Monitoring settings

You have to enter the vCenter Credentials again

It will start the monitoring and you can see the graphs updating after sometime.

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