Convert Network Adapter to VMXNET 3 from E1000

Convert Network Adapter to VMXNET 3 from E1000

Have you ever wanted to re-configure your Virtual Machine with the up to date Virtual hardware configurations? then you should be looking for something like this. I wanted to update the Virtual network adapter to VMXNET 3 for my Virtual Machines and I could do that easily using the VMware PowerCLI. Basically it Convert Network Adapter to VMXNET 3 Network Adapter.

This piece of PowerCLI command converts the Network Adapter without changing the MAC address of the adapter. If you have MAC address bind license application you don’t need to manually change the MAC Address after changing adapter.

Get-VM <Virtual_Machine_name> | Get-NetworkAdapter | Set-NetworkAdapter -type vmxnet3 -confirm:$false
Convert Network Adapter to VMXNET 3 : Code

For Linux Virtual Machines….

No manual IP configuration required and VMware tools should be installed which is the Primary requirement for the VMXNET3 adapter

For Windows Virtual Machines….

Manual IP configuration required and ghost adapter should be removed manually if required. Tools is a primary requirement for this adapter.
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