How to Patch vCenter 6.5 Appliance – From CD-ROM

How to Patch vCenter 6.5 Appliance – From CD-ROM

In this post, I’m going to show you how we can patch the VMware vCenter 6.5 Appliance. If you are concerning about the bug fixes improvements of your vCenter, Appliance patching is playing a great role.

I believe you are now familiar with the vCenter 6.5 which came with lots of new features and improvements. So, less talk and let’s get started.

First of all make sure to take the relevant backups and a snapshot of the vCenter before the Patch Update to avoid any unexpected situations after the upgrade, that’s the best practice before any sort of patch or version upgrade.

Mainly there are three ways that you can patch your vCenter Appliance. You can check for the updates and patches from the online repository or you can place your own Web Server in your environment and create your own repository to patch the vCenter Server. If you are going to use your own web server to present the patch content you can download the Patch and update bundles in the
VMware Download Center. You need to use your VMware login credentials to download the zip files.

In this article, I’m going to show you the steps to perform the full patch using your CD-ROM. Download the relevant Patches from the VMware Patch Download Center and mount it to your vCenter Appliance.

Once you downloaded and mount the patch iso to the vCenter Appliance, login to the vCenter management Console using “https://<FQDN_OF_THE_VCSA:5480” and the root credentials
Go to the “Update” section and select the “Check CD ROM” option in the “Check Updates” drop down menu.
Then you can see the available updates in the”Available Update Window”
Then select the “Install CD ROM Updates” in the “Install Updates” drop down menu
The You will get the update status window and Accept the EULA and click on the “Install” button
It will start the update installation
Note: If you have the Native vCenter High Availability configured you need to put the cluster in to the maintenance mode
Otherwise it will throw you the below message
You can see how to put the vCenter Native High Availability in to Maintenance mode at the end of this post.
It will complete the Update installation after few validation and installation steps and you need to restart your appliance after the completion of the Patch Update
After the reboot check the build version of your appliance in the Management console
That’s it. I will show you how to perform a patch upgrade from a Web repository from a different post.

How to enable the maintenance mode in Native vCenter High availability

Go to your vCenter web console, select vCenter click the “Edit” button in the vCenter HA section
Select the “Maintenance Mode” in the “Edit vCenter HA” window
Check the HA Cluster Status , it’s in the Maintenance mode now
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