vCenter 6.5 High Availability – Possible Configuration Issues

vCenter 6.5 High Availability – Possible Configuration Issues

Hope you read my previous post with related to the VCSA 6.5 HA configuration. Again!, this is a new feature came with VMware vCenter 6.5 to minimize the down time of the vCenter server. That is one of the cool feature so far.

Here, I would like to share something that I experienced while I was deploying and configuring the vCenter HA feature. I believe, this will make your life more easier if you are configuring the “HA” feature.

SSH should be enabled …

First of all, I mentioned that SSH should be enabled on the appliance if you are deploying the nodes, otherwise you will get a notification and deployment get failed.

So, what you have to do is just enable the SSH on the appliance and start the deployment again. Please follow the below steps to enable the SSH on the appliance.

Login to the Appliance Management console, use “https://<FQDN or the IP of the VCSA>:5480 to access the web console

You will get the management console
Go to “Access” option, you can see the status of the SSH and the Bash shell. Click on “Edit” to change the status.
Select the Login you want to enable, here we need to enable the SSH, Click “Ok” to continue

“Failed to get the Management network information. Verify if management interface (NIC0) is configured correctly and is reachable”

Ok, now we have enabled the SSH which is a primary requirement for this feature. But I got the below error at the second attempt of my installation.
Error appeared in the configuration Wizard
So I started to looking for a solution as I was not able to find any issues with my NIC0. I was able to find this KB article and I was able to fix it after following the steps. I found that this caused due to the upper case letters in the hostname. So, it’s a good point and if you are deploying this feature make sure to use the lowercase hostname for the appliance and you won’t get this error.
Logged to the Appliance using SSH with the root credentials
Grant the shell access to the root. Executed “shell.set –enabled true” command and hit enter. Logged to the shell using “shell” command
Typed this command to check the hostname of the appliance “cat /etc/vmware/systemname_info.json | grep -i vCenter_hostname”
See my output highlighted in red, it was in the upper case letters
I wanted to update the “systemname_info.json” file, so took the snapshot of the VM as in many scenarios and took the backup of the “systemname_info.json” file using the “cp” command
Checked the backup file (I’m normally doing this step)
Updated the “systemname_info.json” file using the vi editor
Updated the file (hit “insert” to enable the editing mode)

From this

To this

Verified the updated name using “cat” command
So I rebooted the Appliance and started to configure the HA feature, it was successful.

Addition to this …..

In any case if you configured the HA feature and it was not successfully configured, getting the the invalid configuration warning as stated in below, remove it and proceed again.
Click “Yes” to remove the HA cluster
So that’s the way to remove the vCenter HA Cluster. So this is my experience in HA feature deployment. Thank you for reading my post.
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  1. Rahul Avatar

    My Vcenter host name is server.vcenter01.local but still same error, nic 0 is not configure correctly

    1. Aruna Lakmal Avatar


      Were you able to fix the issue? can you confirm the heart beat network working without issues. In one of the other instance, I came across the same issue and Advanced Deployment method fixed my issue. Could please try that out?

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