vCenter 6.5 High Availability – Initiate the Failover

vCenter 6.5 High Availability – Initiate the Failover
I’m so impressed with this vCenter 6.5 HA feature and I was testing this in my test environment. I thought to write this article while I was testing the vCenter HA Failover. I wrote couple of posts regarding this feature and I’m writing this post to show the way of initiating the Failover.
If you are doing the patch upgrades or any related maintenance you can use this feature to minimize the downtime of the vCenter.
So, login to the vCenter and go the vCenter HA option under the “Configuration” tab. You can see the status of the nodes and please note that my active node is node 2 which is
To initiate the Failover click on the “Initiate Failover” button on the right upper corner
You will get a pop-up message to confirm the action and you can force this to initiate the failover. It’s is self explanatory and it will initiate the failover without waiting for the completion of any synchronization between the nodes.
It will start the failover action and I was checking the status of the continuous ping response from the appliance, here is my output
You can experience few drop-outs and it will get the response again. While I was getting the response ping I tried to access the Web consoles and noticed that Management console was available while vCenter web client is not available. But health status was “Unknown” and SSO was “Not running”.
After few minutes Web console showed the the Failover message and secondary node started to take over the services.
Within few minutes Management console started to show the Health status and the SSO services properly and vCenter web console came online
I logged in to the vCenter and checked the status of the Nodes and noticed that the Node 1 as the active node of the HA cluster.
That’s how VCSA 6.5 HA works in a failover.
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  1. iqd888 Avatar

    Running 6.5 and getting "failover in progress" many times per day.
    Is this a known problem?
    Planning to upgrade vcsa from version 4602587 to version 4944578, but not sure if it has anything to do with this thing.

  2. Aruna Lakmal Avatar

    That's weird…. Do you have a separate VLAN for the HA Network or is there any other traffic flowing with the HA traffic? HA traffic may be interrupting due to a certain reason. How about your VMware setup?

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