VMware vSphere Update Manager had an unknown error. Check the events and log files for details – ERROR after the Upgrade

I came across with this error after upgrading the VMware vSphere Upgrade Manager 5.0 to 5.5. Let me give you the background of the issues first.

We had to upgrade the VMware vSphere 5.0 environment to 5.5 and we have successfully upgraded the vCenter and next step was to upgrade the ESXi hosts to 5.5. I will write another article on the vCenter upgrade process in my blog later. Once we upgraded the Update Manager we were able to upgrade the ESXi server base to 5.5, but we were not able to scan the hosts to apply the patches.

We were getting the below error message all the time when we were scanning the hosts.

I was searching a solution in the internet and was not able to find a proper solution or suggestion for my error, that’s where I forced to write this article. Finally, we decided to create a new database for Update Manager and reinstall the Update Manager on the same server with the new database. That’s how we fixed this error and we were able to scan the hosts and apply the patches.

The Update Manager logs were not throwing the errors during the scanning process, this was the logs output during the error.

This was the error displayed in the Update Manager tab

I think this will help someone to overcome with similar issues, there can be some other ways to fix the same issue and I really appreciate if you can share them with me if you fix this in a different and easy way.


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