VMware vRealize Log Insight Deployment – vSphere Integration

VMware vRealize Log Insight Deployment – vSphere Integration
I’m writing this post as the second part of the Log Insight Deployment, so far I have explained the Log Insight Appliance deployment and the initial configuration from the web UI. Now I’m going to explain the way it connect to the vSphere Environment and collect the logs for your analyzing tasks. 

You can view my previous post from here..

Once you are done with the initial configuration you can see the below configuration stratup page

Click on the “Configure vSphere Integration” to connect your VMware environment. Now you will be able to connect your vCenter Server and vRealize Operations Manager to your Log Insight Server. 

Under “Integration” section type your vCenter server IP address and select “Collect vCenter Server events, tasks and alarms” and “Configure ESXi hosts to send logs to Log Insight” options. Otherwise you have to manually configure your ESXi hosts to send traffic to the Log Insight server. I will show the steps in the next post. Once you successfully entered the vCenter details (IP Address, Username, Password) you can test the connection to the vCenter server. If you need you can more than one vCenter server to this Log Insight server.
Once you successfully connect to the vCenter server click on “Save” to save the configuration and Prepare the ESXi host to send the logs to the Log Insight server. This will start thr ESXi Configurations automatically.
If you check the active tasks in the vCenter you can see few tasks to open the firewall ports, advanced parameter configurations and refresh firewall tasks. 
Once it completed the tasks vCenter integration will be successful and you can view the connected host details by clicking the “View details” link and you can also “Unconfigure” the ESXi hosts if you need. 
In the same way you can integrate this to the vRealize Operations Manager unfortunately, I don’t have an Operations Manager setup in my test lab to show you the steps, but you can do this in few mouse clicks. 
Now check under “System Monitor” and you can see the real time data capturing and under dashboard you can see more vSphere monitors which is starting the data capturing 
Also, now you will be able to perform your interactive log analysis in your vSphere environment with your Log Insight server 
So that’s all for the vSphere Integration with the Log Insight server.
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