Detected an invalid snapshot configuration : msg.snapshot.error-NOTFOUND.

I was informed this issue as an unexpected Powered off situation of the Virtual Machine and it was requesting a disk consolidation in the summery tab. When I was trying to Consolidate the VMDKs it was throwing the below error message.

After checking the recent Tasks and Events I was able to identified that there was a Virtual Machine level backup and it was closed due to an error. There was no proper reason other than saying the “Backup failed” error message.

Good thing was there was no any pending or created snapshot in the Snapshot Manager. I had a thought of creating a new snapshot and perform the “Delete All” task as it was helping me to fix most of the Snapshot related backup issues. Bad luck.. it didn’t help me either at this time. I can confirm that offline Storage vMotion also got failed after throwing the same error message.

I identified the Datastores which were keeping the VMDKs and the Configuration files and it was similar to this. I’m really sorry I had to blur the image details.

 Then I checked the configuration file of the Virtual Machine as it gave me a clue saying “NOTFOUND” and I wanted to find out what was the not found item of the Virtual Machine? I opened the .vmx configuration file from the Notepad. Luckily, I was easily identify the missing items. See my below output.
It was pointing to  vmdks which contain “<virtual_machine_disk_name>-000002.vmdk (snapshot delta vmdks)” for each and every disks, there were no actual VMDKs as it was pointing in the .vmx file.
Then I had to manually edit the .vmx file as I had no other choice, we were not able to restore this Virtual Machine at that time.
Note: Manually editing the .vmx file can be lead to a Virtual Machine corruption or data loss, edit it at your own risk.
I have removed the “virtual_machine_disk_name>-000002.vmdk” entries and added the existing disks to the configuration file. Virtual Machine Powering on was successful and I got the confirmation as there was no data loss. In my case,luckily there were no actual delta vmdks and I did not end up with a data loss. If you are removing the Existing delta file entries, definitely you will end up with a data loss which was in the removed delta disk.
Again, Do it with your own Risk!

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