Warning: This host currently has no management network redundancy

This is a common Warning message when you are working with Management vmkernels, VMware confirmed that this message can be safely ignored and issued a KB Article to fix the warning.

Even though you can ignore the Warning message, you can see this as a Configuration issue of your ESXi Hosts.

I’m creating this Article following up the above VMware KB and overcome with this warning message.

  • Right-Click on your Cluster and select “Edit” to edit the cluster settings. Once you get the cluster settings window, select the “vSphere HA” section and select the “Advanced Options…” button to add a advanced parameter 
  • Once you get the “Advanced Options” window add the “das.ignoreRedundantNetWarning” as the advanced Option and set the value as “true” and click “OK” to continue
  • Now Right-Click on the ESXi Host and select ” Reconfigure for HA” then you can see that the cleared Warning in your Host.
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