VMware VSAN: Error occured while deleting a folder

Once I have completed my vsanDatastore creation I wanted to test the datastore, so I have created a Test folder called “New Folder” inside the vsanDatastore and I tried to delete the folder soon after I created it. Unfortunately It gave me the below error message saying “Cannot delete the file [vsanDatastore] New Folder” and was not able to delete it.

I did a quick google search and found the Blog post created by Duncan Epping in the “Yellow-Bricks.com” and I followed the steps.

I changed the directory to “/vmfs/volumes/vsanDatastore” and list the content inside the vsanDatastore

As Duncan mentioned I typed “/usr/lib/vmware/osfs/bin/osfs-rmdir <name-of-the-folder>” command and It gave me the below error message

As the next step instead of the “Folder Name” I typed the folder value in the command and it was successfully deleted.

I just wanted to share my experience with vsan and I would like to thank “Yellow-Bricks.com ” and Duncan Epping for saving my life as always.

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    Hello Guys,

    Follow below commands for solving the problem.

    Open up an SSH session to your host and do the following:

    change directory to /vmfs/volumes/vsanDatastore
    run “ls -l” in /vmfs/volumes/vsanDatastore to identify the folder you want to delete
    run “/usr/lib/vmware/osfs/bin/osfs-rmdir ” to delete the folder


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