N Port ID Virtualization (NPIV)

N Port ID Virtualization (NPIV)
Normally, single Host Bus Adapter can have multiple WWPNs and can register with the Fabric Switch. In VMware it is not stick in to a single HBA and Virtual Machine can have more than one WWPN with NPIV configurations.

NPIV configuration is taking advantages of QOS and can be zoned to the LUNs directly, but there should be a fabric level of configurations in the switch.

NPIV Configurations in a Virtual Machine

VMware allows you to generate WWPNs to your virtual machine and you can follow the below steps to generate the WWNs and WWPNs.

  • Right-Click on the VM and select “Edit Settings…” 

    • Go to Options tab and select “Fibre Channel NPIV”, by default, it is “Temporary Disable NPIV for the Virtual Machine”
    • Click on “Generate new WWNs” and select the number of WWNs and number of WWPNs in the drop down list, Click on “OK” to generate the WWNs and WWPNs for the Virtual Machine
    • Verify the configurations in the same tab 
    Also, you can generate more WWPNs according to your requirement 
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