Warning:System logs are stored on non-persistent storage

Warning:System logs are stored on non-persistent storage
When you are booting up an ESXi host using a USB or SD card you might commonly get this “System logs are stored on non-persistent storage” Warning message on your ESXi Hosts.

I came across with this when I’m implementing a Cluster with Dell Power Edge servers and Hypervisor OS was installed on the SD cards.

When OS uses the USB or SD card to boot up it’s OS the logs are stored in a non-persistent storage such as “/tem” directory and it throws the ” esx.problem.syslog.nonpersistent” error message. The impact of this warning is ,host keeps it’s logs as a temporary files and will be deleted after a reboot, these logs might need for further troubleshooting ,identify issues and auditing tasks of your environment.

To over come with this error simply you need to specify a storage directory  to keep these log files. You can specify this under your “Advanced Settings” in the “Software” section of the host.

Go to the “Advanced Settings” , expand the “Syslog” and select “global” parameter. Then you can simply identify “Syslog.global,logDir” Parameter

Specify a Datastore which can store these log files with a folder (simply you can put one of the datastores name within the square brackets) “[<datastore_name>]/scratch/log” as the parameter and click “OK”.

Then you need to restart the host to take the effect of the change. 

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2 responses

  1. Anand Avatar

    My host has vsan datastore and its booting from USB disk.
    Can I store the logs on datastore of the other host which has VMFS datastore?

    1. Aruna Lakmal Avatar

      If it shared, definitely yes. If it is local to the other host. I don’t think so.

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