vSphere HTML5 Web Client is released..

vSphere HTML5 Web Client is released..
Finally VMware Flings development team released a HTML 5 based vSphere web client and it is available to use. Yes, it is still with limited functionality and VMware Flings team is continuing to work with the developments and the next releases of this web client.

VMware Flings team expect you to use this web client and send your feedback.

So what is VMware Fling….?

VMware engineers are working on lots of sub projects and releasing to the public to use and share their experience and thoughts of these applications for the future developments and enhancements of their products. There is no guarantee that these products will come in the market as a VMware release. Also, you can’t expect support for these products from VMware. You are not able to log support tickets and VMware is not promoting to install and deploy these products in your production environment.

Currently this Web client is limited to the below functionalities:

  • VM Power Operations (common cases)
  • VM Edit Settings (simple CPU, Memory, Disk changes)
  • VM Console
  • VM and Host Summary pages
  • VM Migration (only to a Host)
  • Clone to Template/VM
  • Create VM on a Host (limited)
  • Additional monitoring views (Performance charts, Tasks, Events)
  • Global Views (Recent tasks, Alarms–view only)
This web client is developed using HTML 5 and Javascript based languages and this will come in the future with more updates and functionalities. This web Client is currently working with your VMware 6.0 environment and released as a downloadable OVA.
At the moment this OVA installation is purely based on command line and VMware development team will release a GUI based deployment in the coming future.
You can Download the OVA deployment guide here HTML 5 Web Client Deployment Guide

System Requirements :

  • 2 vCPU, 4 GB RAM, 14 GB
  • An existing VC6.0 installation (VCSA or Windows). The H5 client appliance will need 4 GB RAM, 2 vCPUs and the hard disk will grow up to 14 GB
  • Recommended browsers: Chrome, Firefox, IE11. Others may work, with some functional or layout issues
  • Windows vCenter
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