First impression of the vSphere HTML 5 Web Client using Windows based vCenter server

First impression of the vSphere HTML 5 Web Client using Windows based vCenter server

As we all aware VMware Flings team has released their HTML 5 Web client few months ago and here I’m going to show you how to deploy this web client from the scratch. At the moment it is command line based deployment and VMware Application Flings team is currently working on a GUI based deployment.
You can find my old VMware HTML 5 web client introduction post Here . Also you can find the complete HTML 5 deployment guide Here .

If you are interested in VMware flings development visit and send your feedback to the flings development team. You can access Flings by vmware page and test these applications.

There are on going application developments and here I’m going to show you the step-by-step guide for the HTML 5 Web client.

First of all download the “server-configure.bat” and HTML 5 OVA appliance from the Flings website . You need to Accept the Terms and Conditions for Technical Preview Licence.

Once you downloaded the appliance deploy it in your vmware environment as a generic appliance deployment and turn on the appliance. You need to provide an IP address during the Deployment

  • Open a ssh session from Putty or any other ssh client and login as “root” and “demova” password
  • Create below folders in your appliance
  • Now login to your vCenter Server, here I use my Windows based vCenter Server and you can use VCSA if you required and you need to follow a different process for this web client deployment. Copy your downloaded “server-configure.bat” file in to a folder and execute it. Please keep in your mind if you changed your vCenter installation folders manually you need to edit this .bat file according to your folder locations. I did not change my installation locations manually and it was really easy to run this “server-configure.bat” without any modification to the vmware code. This will generate few configuration files in the same location
These are the generated files and there and we need only 3 files for the deployment
  • Here I use WinSCP to access the HTML 5 Appliance file system and copy the generated files as below
    • /etc/vmware/vsphere-client/store.jks
    • /etc/vmware/vsphere-client/config/
    • /etc/vmware/vsphere-client/vsphere-client/
  • Now you need to use your generic Linux knowledge for the rest of the configuration, add your DNS servers to the HTML 5 Appliance by editing “resolv.conf” file
  • Restart the network service after the change, next important thing is time synchronization between the HTML 5 appliance and the vSphere 6.0 Platform service controllers. To over come and better time sync process you need to use same NTP servers for your Platform service controller and the HTML 5 Appliance.  If you want to set the NTP servers for your appliance you need to use the below command
    • /etc/init.d/vsphere-client ntp_servers <comma_separated_ntp_servers>  ( vmware NTP server :
In my case I don’t have a NTP server in my test environment and I had to manually sync time between these servers
  • Use “date -u” to check your appliance date and time
  • Check your Windows based vCenter server time issuing “date /T & time /T” command
  • I had to adjust my appliance time according to my vCenter use “date -s <correct date and time>”
  • Now all you need to do is start the vSphere Client Web Server , issue “/etc/init.d/vsphere-client start” and this will take couple of minutes to start the Web server
  • Now it’s time to try the most awaited vSphere HTML 5 Web Client on your browser, type “https://<html5 appliance IP address or FQDN>:9443/ui” and login to the vCenter Web Client after entering the SSO username and password.
Fantastic this is the most awaited moment 🙂 ……. Now you can see the new HTML 5 vSphere Web Client on your browser
Please send your feedback to the vmware client development team by clicking on the smiley face on your right hand side upper corner..
Thank you for viewing my post…
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