fault.MissingIpPools.summary – Errors in VMware Appliance deployment

fault.MissingIpPools.summary – Errors in VMware Appliance deployment

I came up with this error while I was trying to deploy the VMware HTML 5 Web client in my test environment. I got the below error in the “Deploy OVF Template” wizard. This is a common scenario if you deploy a vApp based OVF Template in your VMware environment. Easily you can resolve this issue if you can configure an IP pool in your VMware Data Center. Click Here to view my IP Pool configuration article.

What I’m going to show here is resolve this issue without defining an IP Pool in your Data Center. This is for your knowledge base and this might help you to resolve some other issues when you are deploying an OVF Template in your environment.

This was due to the VM network properties and it did not allow to turn on the appliance as a normal VM in the vSphere environment. It gave the below error message and failed to power on the VM.


Under Virtual Machine properties window there is an “Option” tab and “vApp Options” section, there is an “Advanced” option and click on the “Properties” button of the vSphere Client to get the “Advanced Property Configuration” Window. It has several parameters and the values of the parameters contain the vm network name instead of the actual domain level parameters.



I changed these parameters according to my network parameters and had to change the parameter type to “string” to enter my values.


Once I completed the parameters according to my network I could see this as below. I had to turn off the VM to do the changes. This was my final output of the Advanced Property Configuration.

I was able to turn on the VM after these changes

Hope this will help you to fix similar issues in your vSphere environment.

Further to this ….

I found that you can resolve this issue after disabling the vApp Options in your Appliance

Thank you viewing my post.

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