ESXi-Embedded Host Client – Installation and first impression

ESXi-Embedded Host Client – Installation and first impression

I’m happy to share my another VMware Fling application test with this post and I have successfully tested in my lab setup. VMware Fling implementation team has released this VMware ESXi embedded host client and you can manage to login to your ESXi host directly from the web console. This application developed using HTML 5 and Javascript technologies. This is same as new vCenter browser introduced in one of my previous posts, this is also still in developing stage and team will continue to develop and add new features to this web client. So, now you don’t want to depend on the traditional C# vSphere Client to mange your ESXi host and you can use your web browser to mange your VMware environment.

A one thing to remember you can’t mange vCenter server from this web console and it is integrated only to the ESXi Server, but you can use similar HTML 5 web client to manage your vCenter server. You can view my older vCenter HTML 5 post from Here.


What you can do with this Embedded host?


  • VM operations (Power on, off, reset, suspend, etc).
  • Creating a new VM, from scratch or from OVF/OVA (limited OVA support)
  • Configuring NTP on a host
  • Displaying summaries, events, tasks and notifications/alerts
  • Providing a console to VMs
  • Configuring host networking
  • Configuring host advanced settings
  • Configuring host services

First of all you need to enable the ssh access for your ESXi host from your security profile, to do that start the ssh service.

Download the VIB file from the Fling website. Login to the C# vSphere client and browse the Datastore, upload the VIB files to the datastore. You can use WinScp to upload the VIB files.

Now ssh in to the ESXi server and browse the file in the folder

Install the VIBs issuing the below command

“esxcli software vib install -v /vmfs/volimes/datastore1/VIBs/esxiui-signed-3843236.vib”

This command can be changed according to your datastore name and the folder, in my case my datastore name is “datastore1” and folder is “VIBs”. If you correctly executed the command, you can see the below output.

Note : You need to specify the full path to the VIB file otherwise you will end up with the below error message. For more information refer this VMware KB Article.

Now we are ready to access the HTML 5 Embedded host client. Type https://< esxi host ip address >/ui to access the ESXi embedded web client

Type your “root” username and password to login to the Embedded web console

You can play with the Web client now….


Make sure to send your feedback to the Fling team for further improvements….

Thank you for viewing my post.

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