Configure IP Pools in your VMware Data Center

Configure IP Pools in your VMware Data Center
I found this issue while I’m deploying a OVF template in my VMware environment. This issue appeared as a “warning” in my deployment task and I had to find out the actual reason behind this. This is a common scenario if you are deploying vApps as a OVF or OVA template and it is using IP pools in it’s networking properties.


That was all about IP pools in my Data Center. I selected my Data Center section and checked the IP pools tab and created a new IP pool, you can use any name you like for this IP pool.

Then you can configure your IP Pool settings as below

If you need you can enable the IP Pool and create an address range for this. You need to define the range  with the “#” sign and the IP block after that, if you need you can confirm the range after click on the “view” link on the window. I’m just adding one static IP for this deployment and I’m not enabling this in my IP pool. Here I just want to show you the IP Pool block view for your knowledge.
Add your DHCP , DNS and Proxy servers if available. The Next important thing is “Associations” tab, you need to select what are the Network properties that you are going to select for this IP Pool. Here I’m using only my “vSphereTestNet” vNetwork for this deployment. Once you are done with this Click on “OK”
Now try to deploy the OVF template and select the IP Pool enabled network, you can’t see this warning message anymore. After deploying this you can turn on the VM without any issues.


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