Expand vCenter Appliance root partition

Expand vCenter Appliance root partition
We had some issues with one of the client’s vCenter Server and our engineers were not able to login to the vCenter Appliance from the vSphere Client. They encountered with below error.
I tried to access the vCenter from the web browser https://<ipaddress>:9443/vsphere-client/ url ,but web page was not responded.
The cool thing was it loaded the management console https://<ipaddress>:5480 and I was able to login to the vCenter appliance management console using root credentials.
I checked the vCenter Server summery and I have noticed that the System Storage usage was 100% and vCenter Server service was stopped.
Now it’s time to check your Linux skills, I opened up a putty session and connected to the vCenter server using ssh with the root credentials, executed “df -h” command to check the storage availability of the partitions, this was my output.
Root file system utilization was 100% and available storage was 0% (/dev/sda3), also you may notice “No Space available ” Message if you try to execute any operations commands. Ok, now it is confirmed you need to expand your Linux file system root partition to take your vCenter live from the dead.
Let’s get this started…

Before we Start I recommend you to take a snapshot of the vCenter Appliance and proceed your work.

We need to add additional disk space to this disk and need to perform the expansion on the Linux file level. You may need to remove your ESX host if it connects to the same vCenter Server to do the expansion. I’m not going to show you how to add additional storage to your vmdisk here.

Before you expand the disk execute below linux command to check the disk space of the /dev/sda partition and note the boot partition of the file system. Here my boot partition is /dev/sda3.

See below “fdisk -l /dev/sda” output

After adding the additional vmdisk space execute the same command and notice the changes (Sometimes you may need to reboot the server to see the changes)

Now we are going to delete the current partition table and re-create it with the added disk space.
Delete the current partition table
Step 1: Execute “fdisk /dev/sda”
Step 2: Press “d” for deletion
Step 3: Press “3” for select partition 3
Now re-create the partition table
Step 4: Press “n” for New
Step 5: Press “p” to make it as a primary partition
Step 6: Press “3” set 3 as a partition number

Make this as a bootable partition

Step 7: Press “a” to set the boot flag
Step 8: Press “3” to select the created partition (/dev/sda3)
Step 9: Press “w” to write the changes

See my command output :

Rebooted the vCenter Appliance and expanded the file system using “resize2fs /dev/sda3” command,

This will expand the linux file system and execute and confirm the “df -h”command again, notice the available partition space.


After all vSphere Client access was successful.

If you got the similar issue with your vCenter hope this article helps you to fix your problem . Thanks for reading my post….

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  1. Faique Naleem Avatar

    Thanks for this Prasad. This has been helpful to resolve a similar issue for one of our clients.

  2. Aruna Lakmal Avatar

    Good to hear that Faique and thank you for your comment, my main intention is to share my experience and knowledge with the others.

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