Troubleshooting: “The following error prevented the display of any items:”

Troubleshooting: “The following error prevented the display of any items:”
I have delivered an article to show you how to create a Windows Trust between two domains in one of my previous posts. Hope you have gone through the post and it helps you to get some idea about creating Domain Trusts in your Windows environment. 
Sometimes, you may have experienced this issue and fixed it by your own in your domain environment. Here I would like to show you how to fix an error appearing while you are searching objects (users, computers, groups, etc) in your Trusted domain.
I have experienced “The following error prevented the display of any items:” when I’m trying to find the Security objects in m trusted domain. 
My Case….
Here my trusted domain is TECHCRUMBLE.NET and I’m trying to find user groups to grant the permissions to a shared folder and ended up with this error message. (This error message can be different in windows 2012)

For these type of issue there can be two reasons : 
  1. Time Synchronization of the domains may not work 
  2. Conditional forwarders are not working properly

Here you can clearly see the error message relates to the first option, in a situation like this you need to enable the windows time service and sync the time service with a trusted NTP server. Default windows NTP server is “”. Also you can use 3rd party time sync tools such as Atomic Clock Sync , Dimension4, to sync and test the Windows time. This may fix the time sync issue.

If you get an error message something like :”The following error prevented the display of any items: The server is not operational.” and you can confirm the trusted domain is operational issue is with your conditional forwarder , may be incorrect or not working. Double check your “Conditional Forwarders”

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