DNS Delegation : Access external website with the same name as your Windows domain name

As an IT administrator or Systems Engineer sometimes you may aware with this issue if you have the company website with the same name as your Windows domain. You can simply delegate your website hosted external name servers to resolve these DNS requests.

In my case I have an internal domain with TECHCRUMBLE.NET name and I’m not able to access my blog with the computers which are in the LAN network. 

Here , I’m going to show you how to create a “DNS Delegation” in my DNS server to resolve the www.techcrumble.net requests with the help of external hosted nameservers. 
Let’s jump in to the DNS Server and start the configuration.
  • Right click on your domain name and select “New Delegation…”

  • Then it will start the “New Delegation Wizard” , click “Next” to continue 

  • At the next step type “www” on the “Delegated Domain” text box and click “Next” to continue 
  • At the next step click on “Add…” button 
  • Under “New Name Server” window type the external Name server FQDN and click on “Resolve” to resolve the name server, once it successfully resolved the IP Address of the external name server click on “OK” to add the record. 
  • Add all the available name servers and click “Next” to continue 
  • Click on “Finish” to complete the configuration 

  • Check and confirm the name servers under “www” delegation 
  • All done! , now try to access the website http://www.techcrumble.net/ 
There we go,… now you can access your website from your internal network. 
Thank You for viewing my post. 

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