Windows 10: Do you really miss your Internet Explorer in your Windows 10 Computer

Windows 10: Do you really miss your Internet Explorer in your Windows 10 Computer

I know that you already know about Microsoft latest Operating system “Windows 10” and you may using it in your desktop or your laptop. Also I believe you may experienced the Microsoft’s new web browser “Microsoft Edge” with your Windows 10 Computer. Microsoft has delivered this new Web browser to come across with several performance issues which they have experienced with their old IE web browser.

Microsoft initially started to develop this web browser with the code name of “Project Spartan” and however they have released this web browser as “Microsoft Edge” on 29th of July 2015. Edge is a light weight web browser and Microsoft has removed to support for Legacy Software such as “Active X” and included some Microsoft services. However Microsoft announced that IE 11 is the last version of their old brand and IE 11 will have the mainstream support until 8th of January 2018 and extended support until 10th of January 2023. You will be getting Security updates for your IE and you won’t be able to see an option to roll back these updates.

However as an IT person you may need to use your old “Internet Explorer” when you are working with your IT related support issues such as Citrix, OWA, Server remote management, etc. Don’t worry …. Still you can use your Old “IE” with your new “Windows 10” computer. I came across with this when I was using remote management server console to troubleshoot some issues in one of the Client server.

Here I would like to show you how you can take your old “IE” in action to make your things easily.

You may aware that there is a digital assistance “Cortana” associate with your Windows 10 and get her help to search your old “IE” or type on the “Cortana Search”.

You can see the “Internet Explorer” Desktop App at the top and Click on the icon, it will open your old IE for you.

Hope now you don’t want to worry about your old “Internet Explorer”

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