Installing ESXi 5.1 Hypervisor [Step-by-step]

Installing ESXi 5.1 Hypervisor [Step-by-step]


    • Download the VMware Hypervisor from :
    • Mount the Downloaded ISO file to the Server (Burn it to the CD or Mount to the ILO) and boot the server
    • You will be getting the below screen 
    • Select the “ESXi-5.1.XXXXXXXX-Standard Installer” or it will start the installation automatically.
    • Continue the installation

    • You will get the below Message and Hit “Enter” to continue the installation 
    • To Accept the “End User Licence Agreement (EULA)” press “F11” and continue 
    • Installation will scan the available Hardware and will continue the installation 

    • Select the Disk to install the Hypervisor ( if you have connect a SAN you can see the remote storage volume under “Remote” ) 

    • You can view the details by pressing “F1” key 

    • Select the Keyboard Lay out in the Next step

    • Select the Root Password in for the ESXi Host and hit Enter to Continoue

    • Hypervisor will scan the system 
    • Confirm the installation by pressing “F11” 

    • Hypervisor will continue he installation 

    • After completion of the installation Hit “Enter” to reboot the system 

    • Wait until initializing the system and load the Hypervisor, you will see the below screen after completing the initialization. 

    • Press “F2” key and enter the password to customize the system and do the initial configuration. 

    • You will be redirecting to the “System Customization” page to continue the initial customization 

    • Select the “Configure Management Network” and move to “Configure Management Network”to change the IP address of the ESXi Server. 

    • Press “Enter” and select the “Set static IP address and network configuration:” option in the next window

      • You can change the IP address accordingly
      • Change the DNS settings in the same way under the DNS Configuration

      • Press “Enter” and confirm the Changes that you have made you will be redirecting to the previous page.

      • Press “ESC” key and Confirm to change the IP address

      • You can Test the Management Network connectivity by selecting “Test Management Network” option and make sure to test the physical connectivity from a local PC.

      •  Launch the “VMware vSphere Client” from your local PC and enter the login credentials of the ESXi Server

      • You can see a “Security Warning” Ignore it for the first time

      • You Will be redirecting to the ESXi home page 

      Installing ESXi 5.1 Hypervisor [Step-by-step]
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