VMware NSX : NSX Manager Deployment


Software Defined Networking is playing a key role of the software defined datacenter technologies. Hope that you may already heard of VMware NSX and it’s features and use cases in a Software Defined Datacenter. VMware acquired the company called Nicira which helped to originate the Software Defined Networking in mid 2000s. After acquiring this company in 2012 VMware released the network Virtualization platform called NSX as a combination of VMware in house R&D projects and Nicira technologies.

That is the bit of history about this greatest technology and if you are interested there are lots of articles in the internet. I’m not writing this to bring you the history of the technology and I’m planing to discuss few articles of the NSX Configuration. So let’s start from the beginning. Read More

A Server error occurred. [500] SSO error:null


Previously, I wrote a post about re-pointing the PSC and after a while I logged in to the same environment and I ended up with this error message on my screen. I was so frustrated as I have done few changes to this environment and thought something went wrong while I was doing these changes. See below error message that I received from my vCenter Server appliance.

So , I started to troubleshoot this issue. Simply it says check the vSphere Web Client logs for more details, that is the simplest way which we can start this. so I opened a ssh session to my vCenter server appliance and enabled the shell. I used below command to check the vSphere client log

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