Fast Lane Support with MyVMware Mobile App – Overview of VMware BCS and MCS Support


If you are responsible for any running Mission critical or Business critical workloads in your VMware Virtual datacenter you better to have Fast Lane support with Mission Critical or Business Critical support from VMware. It reduces the amount of time for your support request escalation along with the┬ápersonalized reactive and proactive support services. It’s a separated subscription service and depend on the company requirement. I will discuss the features later in this post.

MyVMware Mobile App is a great tool to log High Priority support request without using your computer and web browser. You can download this app from itunes for your iPhone/iPad and Google play store for Android mobiles and tabs.

You need to have the corporate MyVMware account to operate this application. Once you installed the App on your device login using the corporate MyVMware username and password. Read More