Installation of component VCSServiceManager failed with error code ‘1603’. Check the logs for more details.


I was deploying a vCenter 6.x with a separate Platform Service Controller and a database, installation was not successful due to the below error messages. In the middle of the installation it gave me an error message saying “An error occurred while starting the service ‘invsvc'” and rolled back the installation at the end.

At the end gave me the below error message

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How to change the vCenter Database to a different Database server

As I mentioned in a previous post I was doing a vCenter upgrade and I had to migrate the DB server in to a different SQL Express Database server. So, I want to share the steps that I followed to do the DB migration and pointing the vCenter to the new DB server.
I have taken a full DB backup and restored to a different SQL instance (built in the new server), once I completed that I created a new ODBC connection to the new server.
Tested the DB connection and it was successful.

After that changed the “” file to point the new DB server to the vCenter server which is in the “C:ProgramDataVMwareVMware VirtualCenter”

Added the new DB server name to the “” file

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SQL ODBC Connection Failure : SQLState: ‘08001’ SQL Server Error: 2

I wanted to configure a separate SQL server to do a vCenter migration and I was getting errors to connect to the DB server, I was able to fix this issue after doing some changes in the SQL server. Here, I thought to post the steps that I took to resolve the issue. I believe this post will help others who involved with the configuration and resolve these type of issues in the middle of their configuration without wasting more time on this.

I have installed a fresh SQL 2008 R2 server with the custom SQL instance (SQL Express instance name is not the default one). Installed the relevant SQL Native client and tried to connect to the DB Server. It was throwing the below error message
I did a search in the internet there were lots of different different post with the solutions. However this is how fixed this problem.

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