Previously, I wrote a post about re-pointing the PSC and after a while I logged in to the same environment and I ended up with this error message on my screen. I was so frustrated as I have done few changes to this environment and thought something went wrong while I was doing these changes. See below error message that I received from my vCenter Server appliance.

So , I started to troubleshoot this issue. Simply it says check the vSphere Web Client logs for more details, that is the simplest way which we can start this. so I opened a ssh session to my vCenter server appliance and enabled the shell. I used below command to check the vSphere client log

While I’m reading the logs I could find the timer errors and below errors in the logs

[2017-10-10T08:00:13.681+05:30] [INFO ] SynchronizerTimer com.vmware .ph.ceip.impl.Synchronizer Synchronization with the other PSC nodes started…
[2017-10-10T08:00:13.774+05:30] [ERROR] SynchronizerTimer com.vmware .vim.sso.client.impl.SoapBindingImpl SOAP fault soap.SOAPFaultException: The time now Mon Oct 09 20:10:22 IST 2017 does not fall in the request lifetime interval extended with clock tolerance of 600000 ms: [ Tue Oct 10 07:50:13 IST 2017; Tue Oct 10 08:20:13 IST 2017). This might be due t o a clock skew problem.

I configured my VCSA and PSC appliances to sync the time with ESXi hosts which are holding them. I was so sure about the time of the ESXi hosts. I checked the time of the appliances after checking the error logs and found that there is a big time difference between these two appliances.

VCSA Appliance time:

PSC Appliance time:

So I disabled and enabled the synchronization to the ESXi hosts again (in my test lab no internet connectivity or no external NTP Server configured) and confirmed that the times are correct.

Stopped all the services using below command :


Started the Services again :


Normally it takes sometime. After all I was able to connect to the vCenter server without any issues.


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