ESXi PSOD due to a PCPU becomes too busy

One of the ESXi hosts failed with a "Purple Screen Of Death" and below analysis found as the root cause of the failure. 

It was sitting in a vSphere 5.5 and lower patch level version to 30xxxxx. We were not able to identify any hardware failures or any error related to the server hardware. Also I can confirm that it was configured with the correct drivers. 

The failed error screen was displaying the below messages

Installation of component VCSServiceManager failed with error code '1603'. Check the logs for more details.

I was deploying a vCenter 6.x with a separate Platform Service Controller and a database, installation was not successful due to the below error messages. In the middle of the installation it gave me an error message saying "An error occurred while starting the service 'invsvc'" and rolled back the installation at the end. 

At the end gave me the below error message

I was so frustrated and started to find a solution in the internet. There were few blog posts and couple of VMware KB articles similar to the error message and I did all the workarounds and non of them worked. Few of them asked to install the .Net framework 3.5, set the database permissions to sysadmin and dbowner etc. I tried all of them and I was not able find a solution to my problem.

I checked the installation error log  (vminst) and found the below errors in the log

I tested the ODBC connection to the Database server and it was successful and I was able to connect to the database without an issue. In my domain environment forward and reverse lookup zones were working fine and I added the database instance with the "servername/sqlinstance" format. I changed the SQL server instance to "IP_address/sqlinstance" format as shown in the below screen capture and re-run the installation, I was surprised and it was successful without an issue at this time. 

It was a simple change but had to spend my entire morning half to find the solution. So I thought to write this blog post and hope someone will find this as useful. Thank You for reading!!!

Build your Lab with Ravello Cloud - Experience the true benefit as a vExpert

You can experience the true benefit as a vExpert from Ravello Cloud to build your own home lab with few easy steps. I was really worrying about my home lab and it was getting old with these new VMware releases. Buying new hardware is not an easy task in a country like Sri Lanka. You have to spend hell amount of money to refresh or build your Home Lab with new and compatible hardware for your home lab. Ravallo helped me to bring up my new home lab and I'd like to Thank You for the vExpert subscription. 

An internal error has occurred - Error #1009 - VIO Deployment Error

This is not a quiet a post! but I thought to write this post to show that the importance of the VMware Product Interoperability Matrices before you start any deployment. One of my friend was deploying the VMware Intergrated OpenStack in his environment and selected to use the vSphere 6.5 as the vCenter server which is the latest version of the vCenter Server. There was no issues with the vCenter server deployment and successfully deployed the vCenter server and started the VIO 3.x deployment.